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services and capabilities

We believe that the country’s progress and prosperity depends on the potentials and technical knowledge of bright, skillful, and responsible Iranians. With that being said, to facilitate working in innovative, interesting, and novel technological areas and in the interest of our country we deliver these services:

– Design and development, and implementation of public and private blockchains in areas like financial technologies and payment systems, stock market, bank, insurance, management of supply chain, cloud computing, distributed computation, investment, cyber security, energy management, Internet of Things (IoT), smart city, transportation, health, medical treatment , etc.

– Implementation of various idea on public and private blockchains like Ethereum, Corda, Hyperledger fabric, Hyperledger Sawtooth, etc.

– Holding seminars, educational courses, and blockchain based events.

– Giving business advices on distributed ledger technologies and blockchain

– Doing research about blockchain and distributed ledgers

– Various services and strategies in mining different cryptocurrencies

– Finding and solving problems like scalability and anonymity in a blockchain network, and improving its functionalities.

smart contracts

implementation of various kind of smart contract on public Blockchains like  Ethereum, Fabric hyperledger ,...

public Blockchains

presentation and implementation of public Blockchains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, Zcache and cardano

private Blockchains

peresentation and implementation of private Blockchains like Fabric hyperledger, sawtooth hyperledger, iroha hyperledger and ...


commercial consultant about Blockchain technology,distributed public ledger ....


support, accelerate and aid to development of various Blockchain based ideas


educational coueces, seminars and events about Blockchain and distributed...