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Rastak Media Sepehr was founded in 2018 with the aim of doing research about distributed ledgers and decentralized technologies and developing blockchain based products. Most of the RMSCO team members and employees are graduated from top Iranian universities like Sharif University of Technology. With the help of these young bright talents and keeping in contact with scientific centers and communities, RMSCO wants to develop state-of-the-art blockchain based products.

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We believe that the country’s progress and prosperity depends on the potentials and technical knowledge of bright, skillful, and responsible Iranians. With that being said, to facilitate working in innovative, interesting, and novel technological areas and in the interest of our country we deliver these services:

smart contracts

implementation of various kind of smart contract on public Blockchains like  Ethereum, Fabric hyperledger ,...

public Blockchains

presentation and implementation of public Blockchains like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, Zcache and cardano

private Blockchains

peresentation and implementation of private Blockchains like Fabric hyperledger, sawtooth hyperledger, iroha hyperledger and ...


commercial consultant about Blockchain technology,distributed public ledger ....


support, accelerate and aid to development of various Blockchain based ideas


educational coueces, seminars and events about Blockchain and distributed...


different mining services and strategies for all kind of cryptocurrencies


research based on Blockchain technology and distributed ledgers

Payment Gateway

implementation of payment gateway based on different cryptocurrencies


Blockchain technology

In its essence, blockchain is a universal database in which the data are inserted with a specific order that cannot be mutated in the future. The main advantage of this universal database is that all users can access it and if need be, insert new data to it via some specific methods. Furthermore, these data are visible to everyone in the exact same order and structure. Also, the already inserted data are practically immutable. Thus without the need for a single supervising entity and in an incorruptible way, blockchain offers a distributed, secure, and concordant database for all the participants.


latest projects


Blockchain based capture the flag competitions

One of the ways different organizations evaluate the security of their data services is holding a specific kind of competition called “capture the flag”.


SAKKOK, the first Iranian electronic wallet

SAKKOK is a business to business platform for credit transaction which attracts businesses across the small businesses


Blockchain based platform for exchanging medical data

The goal of this project is implementing a Blockchain based platform for exchanging medical data in which the data are secured .


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what's up in Blockchain and cryptocurrency world?

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April 24, 2019

Bitcoin Network Computing Power Nears 90 Quintillion Hashes per Second

Bitcoin (BTC) has seen yet another sharp increase in its computing power after its network hash rate grew 25% in a week.

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April 08, 2019

Is Telegram’s Cryptocurrency the Long-Awaited Ethereum Killer?

With just over a month left until the TON blockchain officially launches, Telegram’s debut cryptocurrency project is shaping up to be one of Ethereum’s biggest threats to date.

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April 08, 2019

Ethereum Classic Partners With Blockchain Developer and Media DApp

Ethereum Classic Labs, a core Ethereum Classic development and accelerator organization, announced partnerships with social media dApp iZbreaker and blockchain infrastructure developer Second State.


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